In order to carry out all the projects that our club is involved with throughout the year, each member is asked to join one or more committees. 

Name Chairs Description
Aktion Club
Brown, Dale
Aktion Club
Club Meeting
Lloyd, Rich
The Club Meeting Committee strives to find ways to enhance the meeting experience and promote attendance and membership retention. This committee is responsible for providing the program for each club meeting. Chaired by the President-Elect.
Community Service
Dykes, Trey
The mission of the Community Service Committee is to significantly improve the community and assist the general population. This committee evaluates the community, identifies community needs, and recommends ways the Kiwanis Club of Newport can render service to meet those needs.
Finance & Fundraising
Gatlin, Claude
The Finance & Fundraising Committee is responsible for generating revenue for the club. All fundraising events evolve from this committee. Chaired by the Vice-President.
Jones, Audrey B
The Club Historian is responsible for maintaining the Club Scrapbook, a chronological diary of the Kiwanis Club of Newport.
Crouch, Claire
The Interclub Committee establishes and maintains a relationship with other "K" family clubs. This committee is responsible for scheduling Interclubs (when four or more Kiwanians attend a function of another Kiwanis organization).
Johnson, Dave
The Membership Committee is responsible for increasing club membership and promoting attendance at all club meetings and functions. This committee considers all proposals for membership and submits its recommendations to the board of directors.
Public Relations
Wilkerson, Dwight
Butler, Seth
The Public Relations Committee promotes the Kiwanis Club of Newport throughout the community.
Risk Management
Arms, Jennifer E
Risk Management
Ownby, Jackie
The Scholarship Committee is responsible for awarding of the annual Kiwanis Scholarships.
Service Leadership
Eisenhower, Emilly
The Service Leadership Committee provides counsel and guidance to "K" family clubs sponsored by the Kiwanis Club of Newport.
Social Media/Webmaster
Cody, Jeff
Social Media/Webmaster
Spiritual Aims
Webb, Chad
The Spiritual Aims Committee aims to enrich the quality of life and encourage personal and spiritual growth among members and the community.
Terrific Kids
Brown, Dale
Lindsey, Donny
The Terrific Kids Committee is responsible for administering and providing the Kiwanis Terrific Kids program to all local elementary schools. This program recognizes students for setting and meeting personal goals.
Train & Helicopter
Ridens, Gary
Johnson, Dave
The Train & Helicopter Committee is responsible for operating the train and helicopter at local functions.
Worldwide Service Project
Abramson, Tim
The Worldwide Service Project Committee seeks ways to involve the Kiwanis Club of Newport in international projects. This committee develops a greater international understanding for club members.